Nutritional Clinics – Client Information

Christine Bailey’s administration team is available between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.  Prior to the first consultation you will be sent and asked to fill in and return a detailed health questionnaire and diet diary so that Christine Bailey can study your case before meeting with you. You are required to complete these forms and send them back to the office at least 1 working day prior to your consult.

Failure to complete the forms or send them back in sufficient time (at least 1 working day before the appointment) will result in cancellation of your appointment and we withhold the right to charge you for 50% of your appointment fee as failure to comply will lead to valuable clinic slots being lost. Christine is in demand for her expertise and appointment slots are limited.

Christine Bailey is available for online nutritional consultations via skype. Corporate clinics can also be arranged

If you would like to work with Christine one to one, please use the contact form – we will notify you when a space is available.

As we are requesting health information from you please read our data protection privacy notice

PRICES  – Prices from 2021

  • 1 hour Consultation £200
  • Extended 1st appointment recommended for complex cases or at your request – 90 minutes  £280
  • Follow up 30 minute appointments £100 necessary after any testing or intervention undertaken
  • For complex laboratory tests a 1 hour follow up appointment will be needed
  • Email information requests in between consults – if emails require more than 15 mins attention they will be charged pro rata. This includes regular requests for additional information via email between consultations

Christine Bailey has a period set aside each day for telephone consultations. These may be booked in advance when she is not in clinic.


At least 24 hours notice must be given for Cancellations. Cancellations within 24 hours or non-attendance are charged at 50% of the above rates

Email/Letter Queries

E-mail or postal queries are dealt with as swiftly as possible. Time will be allotted to Christine Bailey’s diary and a response will be forthcoming by email or you will be requested to book a telephone consultation or an in-person appointment.


Payment is to be by cheque or cash on the day of the appointment or by BACS bank transfer.

Costs are for the consultation only. Additional costs may be incurred if supplements or laboratory testing is recommended. These are optional and are discussed during the consultation.

Medical Insurance

Some medical insurers have complementary therapy ( e.g Pru Health, WPA) cover in their policies that may cover Christine Bailey’s fees, up to their capped maximum. It is unlikely that insurance will cover the full fees, nor do they usually cover any tests and investigations, remedies or supplements. A referral letter to Christine Bailey from a specialist or a GP is usually required. Anybody wishing to use insurance to cover costs should first check with their insurers. It is necessary for you to have received prior authorization from your insurance company. Please note it is necessary for you to pay all fees and costs and then reclaim this from your insurers.

Nutritional Supplements and Laboratory testing

According to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) the term drug is defined as an “article intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.” Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, herbs, or homeopathic remedies are not classified as drugs. However, these substances can have significant effects on physiology and must be used rationally. In this clinic , we provide nutritional support and make individualised recommendations in order to upgrade the quality of foods in a patient’s diet and to supply nutrition to support the physiological and biomechanical processes of the human body.

You are under no obligation to purchase nutritional supplements

We recommend certain products only from manufacturers who have gained our confidence through considerable research and experience. We determine quality by considering: (1) the quality of science behind the product; (2) the quality of the ingredients themselves; (3) the quality of the manufacturing process; and (4) the synergism among product components. The brands of supplements recommended are those that meet our high standards.

While these supplements may come at a higher financial cost than those found on the shelves of pharmacies or health food stores, the value must also include assurance of their purity, quality, bioavailability (ability to be properly absorbed and utilised by the body), and effectiveness. You are not guaranteed the same level of quality when you purchase your supplements elsewhere. We are not suggesting that such products have no value; however product quality varies widely.

Christine’s clinic follows a functional approach to nutrition as outlined by the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). Laboratory tests are routinely used to help ascertain functional imbalances in the body. You may be recommended certain tests to help us devise the most suitable programme for you. However you are under no obligation to undertake these tests. As these tests can be very detailed and specific the laboratories provide an interpretation fee (around £20) to the practitioner to finance the time needed prior to consultations to analyse the results.