Menopause Lean Programme & Access to Member Resources

£8.00 for 1 month and a £20.00 sign-up fee


Welcome to our 4 week Menopause Programme. Whether you are perimenopause, menopausal or beyond our 4 week meal plan is designed to help you lose fat, energise your body and brain and tackle menopause symptoms.

One of the biggest concern’s women have as they move towards the menopause is how to avoid the weight gain. In addition short and long term symptoms associated with falling oestrogen levels can make a significant impact on women’s health. There are a number of metabolic and endocrine changes that happen around the menopause which make it much harder for women to maintain the healthy, lean body they desire as well as maintain optimal energy and brain function. If you want to get real results, look and feel your best this program will help you achieve it.

In this downloadable plan you will receive detailed information about changes that occur during the transition, over 45 recipes and a 28 day meal plan to follow – vegan and gluten free options provided throughout.

This plan is designed to help you reset the body, lose fat, address underlying imbalances and help you lose fat and boost vitality.

As part of the programme we also give you access to a wealth of additional meal plans, recorded webinars (including menopause webinars), blogs, recipes to support you. You have access to these for 30 days after that if you wish to receive access you will charge £8 per month. You can cancel this at any time.



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