Fermented applesauce may seem a little strange but it is so simple to make and tastes amazing. In fact culturing applesauce not only makes it more flavoursome but also more nutritious being rich in beneficial bacteria. I made up a big batch this weekend to use up a crop of home grown apples. When fermenting, it is important to make sure your jars and utensils are really clean and sterilised. I put them all through the dishwasher before using.  You can flavour it with a range of spices – I love cinnamon but you could also add whole spices like star anise too.  I use water kefir to ferment the apple but if you can tolerate dairy you could use whey or milk kefir instead. This is delicious served on its own or topped with homemade granola and yogurt.

Fermented Applesauce


Difficulty – Easy

Time – 10 minutes preparation, 1 day fermenting

Serves – 4-6 as a snack

What’s good about it?

Apple sauce is a fabulous food for the gut. Rich in polyphenols it can help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in our gut. By fermenting the apple you naturally increase the benefits by creating a probiotic food. Serve this with coconut yogurt for an additional probiotic boost if wished.


  1. Coarsely chop the apples.
  2. Place in a food processor with the remaining ingredients and process to form a chunky texture.
  3. Transfer to a sterilised jar – ideally it should fill the jar leaving about 1 inch at the top.
  4. Place the lid on top and leave on the work surface for 1 day or  a little longer if you like it to take slightly more fermented – it should taste slightly tangy. Each day you may need to release excess pressure by releasing the lid.
  5. Once fermented place in the fridge. It should keep for at least a couple of weeks.

Did you Know?

Fermented foods such as kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi have been used for thousands of years by many cultures throughout the world. They naturally provide your digestive tract with a wealth of beneficial bacteria and yeasts to support digestion and immune tolerance in the gut. Aim to include some daily for maximum benefits. If you want to discover how to make them yourself check out our other recipes on the site or book onto one of our fermented food cookery days


Makes 1 jar

8 eating apples

4-6tbsp water kefir

1tsp ground cinnamon

pinch of sea salt, optional