Our 21 Day Kick Start Programme is designed to give you all the tools you need to transform your body and mindset to become leaner, healthier and happier for life. 



Nourish Your Body, Manage Your Mindset and Transform Your Health for Life

  • Our Lean & Nourish Programme is designed to get you leaner, healthier and happier long term
  • Kick start your health journey with our 21 Day Get Lean Plan complete with 45 delicious recipes (all recipes gluten free and many vegan options provided)
  • Educate yourself about nutrition and health with our exclusive resources including blogs, recordings and live nutrition webinars
  • Access a wealth of additional nutrition and meal plans to suit your needs – anti-inflammatory, Low FODMAP, low lectin programme, menopause programme, weekend detox, fasting mimicking diet plan.
  • Exclusive access to nutrition, health and fitness blogs






Build Better Dietary Habits

Forget fad diets, starving yourself or following confusing advice. Our focus is on nourishing recipes and meal plans to suit your needs.

When you join the club you will get instant access to our 21 Day Kick Start Lean Nutrition and Meal plan to follow with 45 delicious nourishing recipes

Learn about nutrition fundamentals, calories, macros and meal planning with our recorded webinars in the members area.



Develop a Nutrition Mindset

For long term success we recognise the importance of developing a healthy mindset around food and health and the power of food on our mental health.

  • Advice on building a healthy mindset – tools and techniques with our recorded webinars
  • Learn the importance of nutrition for mental wellness, reducing stress, and anxiety and improving sleep



Nourish For Life

We recognise that lasting, sustainable results requires a nutritional and lifestyle strategy that is in alignment with your specific goals. Having the right tools, resources and ongoing support is crucial for long term results.

  • Resources to help you succeed in your nutrition goals long term – articles, recipes, live webinars and video recordings
  • Additional meal plans to follow
  • Supplement advice in the membership area
  • Additional blogs exclusive to membership



Is our plan right for you?

You’re looking to improve your diet and body composition recognising the importance of building better habits long term.

You want sustainable results which focus on nourishing your body and mind

You want to learn more about nutrition with evidence based information and resources

You want to feel more knowledgeable about your health and diet to support yourself and your family

You are determined to make your health a priority for the long term.





  • 4 week low lectin nutrition and meal plan
  • Christine’s FMD PROLON style food plan
  • 4 Week Menopause Program Meal Plan and Nutrition notes
  • Anti-inflammatory 1 week plan
  • Low FODMAP week food plan
  • 3-5 Day Detox Weekend plan
  • Cookery Demos
  • Covid Nutrition webinars

…..and much more – webinars, blogs, recipes – all exclusive for members!!


Make Lasting Changes to Your Health 

The Lean & Nourish Club is an exclusive membership which gives its members RESULTS!
The programme has been tried and tested, the content refined and members get results they want.

“Thank you so much for the programme. You are such a fountain of knowledge on all aspects of health, fitness, special diets and recipes. You are inspirational sharing your knowledge from experience, and are so friendly and approachable . Looking forward to advancing my health via the Lean and Nourish Club”. Yvonne. 


I started this plan having tried and failed with gimmicky weight loss plans over the last 20 years, with my weight increasing all the time. Christine’s effortless programme has introduced me to amazing new flavours, quick and easy meals to prepare, encouragement, support and motivation. No question is left unanswered and Christine explains everything in a clear and educative way and I feel so much more informed about what I’m eating, how to plan for the future and how to measure my success. Karen.     


Christine Bailey has Changed my Life! I have lost 2 stone since February 2020! I was 3 months away from my 50th Birthday and at 13 stone 8 pounds, I was overweight, tired, and not loving myself. Desperate, another nutritionist, suggested I should try Christine’s approach. I went all in, followed it to a T and it worked. Now I am feeling fabulous, full of energy and have found so much more confidence in my own skin Natasha


Start with our 21 Day Kick Start Meal Plan

On joining you will be able to download the 21 Day Meal with 45 delicious recipes. You also get instant access to additional meal plans and resources to keep you inspired and motivated

Access exclusive additional recipes, meal plans and access to nutrition resources

Access to New Meal Plans and Recipes

By being a signed up member you have first access to brand new meal plans at NO EXTRA COST. Whatever your health goals you will get the nutrition tools you need to help you.



The Lean & Nourish Programme is about making long term changes to your diet, lifestyle and mindset to get into the best physical and mental shape of your life. 


Getting your foundations right, putting the basics in place will result in long term success. Start your transformation today