How To Supercharge Your Health

Many of us today are suffering with an energy crisis. Our lives are so busy that too often we neglect to nourish our bodies, sacrificing our self and wellbeing in the process. Instead of taking care of our bodies to enhance vitality, we rely on quick fixes to alter our mood or energy. These short-lived boosts simply serve to deplete us even further, zapping our most vital resource: our energy and life force. Taking care of our bodies is fundamental to our health and wellbeing, yet many of us are poor in health and lack vitality. When we improve our energy we are able to be fully engaged in our life, our work, our family and friendships.

The path to improving our wellbeing is surprisingly simple, yet many of us fail to make the connection between how we feel and what we eat and drink. If you are seeking sustained, vibrant energy, take a look at the foods you pile on to your plate. Are they nourishing? The right foods and nutrients rejuvenate us. With just a few bites of nutrient-dense foods, a few sips daily of a nourishing juice or smoothie, you have the ability to change how you think and feel.

Unfortunately, many of our everyday foods are devoid of nutrients. Sugar-filled carbs, processed convenience foods, ready meals and takeaways are not just empty calories – they also contain anti-nutrients that further deplete our bodies of the nutrients we need to function. Real whole food in its unprocessed form is what our bodies cry out for. Rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, antioxidants and quality protein, these foods nourish the body and enable us to repair and heal. In our convenience, processed world, we can lose connection with real food and struggle to nourish our bodies – this is why I have written my new book Supercharged Juices and Smoothies

Supercharged Juices and Smoothies is not just another juice book – this book is packed with nutrient rich drinks to nourish your body and revitalise lost energy.  Taking juicing to a whole new level with nutrient-packed, health-boosting ingredients, this book uses an array of foods including sea vegetables, herbs, teas, supplements and tinctures to help you supercharge your health. Using extra boosters in juices and smoothies is a simple, effective way to get your body into shape fast, providing fuel and nutrients for a transformed body and mind.  We focus on plenty of vegetables to further boost the nutrient content and keep the sugar content down.  There is a quick easy to read guide to help you select the best ones for your needs – whether its for weight loss and cleansing, radiance, brain health, energy or immune health. There is also a 3-day power-charged Superfood Juice Diet plan to set you on your way to looking fabulous as well as feeling great.

Whether you fancy a creamy smoothie, a drink for post workout or a meal on the go, you will find a wealth of recipes to suit your needs. Try my creamy chocolate smoothie with cauliflower – yes really!!  This is a great way to get your children eating more veg too!