When many of us think of mushrooms, we may think of culinary delights such as Portobello or exotic Shiitake but did you know that many species of mushrooms have the potential to dramatically improve your health? Mushrooms contain some of the most powerful natural medicines in nature, especially for boosting your immune system during the cold and flu season. Like miniature pharmaceutical powerhouses’, scientists have identified an array of constituents in medicinal mushrooms with specific healing properties to improve our health. Thankfully there are some great companies where you can buy medicinal mushrooms as blends (powders), tincture, capsules and teas which makes them ideal for adding to drinks and desserts. This is one of my favourite comfort drinks especially in the Autumn and Winter months. I have crammed quite a few superfoods in this smoothie but if you don’t have these to hand it still tastes great without them. If you want to purchase mushroom blends try Indigo Herbs who have an amazing selection.  Read my blog about the health benefits of mushrooms. Try this drink with your children too – the combination of chocolate and mushroom powder means that it tastes fabulous and they won’t realise the drink is doing them good! If you love supercharged smoothies then get my books for more recipes

Super Mushroom Cacao Elixir


Difficulty – Easy

Time – 5 minutes preparation

Serves – 1

What’s good about it?

Mushrooms are not only packed with vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, magnesium and vitamin D (provitamin D2), they contain a unique number of immune supporting compounds.  These include polysaccharides (including beta glucans), glycoproteins, ergosterols and triterpenoids. It is the combination of these compounds working in synergy that makes mushrooms so medicinally beneficial.

Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender or nutri bullet and blend until creamy and smooth. Ideally serve immediately.

For a great immune boost try using Chaga mushrooms. The name chaga derives from the Komi-Permyak language of Russia’s Kama River Basin, where the fungus has played a role in traditional medicine for centuries.  It resembles a large piece of burnt charcoal, hence it is sometimes referred to as tinder mushroom. In Siberian folklore, chaga is considered the “King of the Mushrooms.”  Like all medicinal mushrooms, Chaga contains complex polysaccharides known for their potent immune supporting properties. However, Chaga also has an extremely high ORAC value which is a measure of its antioxidant properties. This may be why it is regarding as an anti-aging tonic.

250ml Coconut water or cold green tea to blend

1-2 tsp mushroom powder e.g  Indigo herbs (chaga, cordyceps, reishi or blend)

1tbsp almond nut butter or Brazil nut butter

1tsp flaxseed oil or omega blend oil

1-2tbsp raw cacao powder to taste

1tsp maca powder

1tsp acai powder

1tbsp lucuma powder

1/2 cup frozen cherries or mixed berries

1tsp Manuka honey with mushroom blend e.g Hifas de Terra (optional)