Creating a Healthy Mocktail

Want a delicious drink without the booze?  It’s easy to create your own healthy alcohol-free mocktail, perfect for celebrations and alfresco eating.

Mocktails seem to be all the craze at the moment. These non-alcoholic drinks are often designed to be similar to traditional cocktails but without the alcohol. While you may have sipped on a virgin blood Mary there are plenty more options to choose.

Mocktails are a great option if you want to avoid alcohol but still enjoy a delicious drink. Cocktails are renowned for being high in calories and alcohol of course and being so sweet the trouble is you often end up consuming more alcohol than you realise or intended. They are also incredibly expensive. Making a non alcoholic version is much healthier and typically lower in calories but watch out for shop bought mocktails or those in bars and restaurants – these can be loaded with sugar and calories. So when you are making your own choose ingredients carefully.

Here’s a few tips when creating your own

Ingredients to avoid – in addition to added syrups and sugars don’t overload your drink with fruit juices or juice drinks. Skip the lemonades or sodas, tonic waters and energy drinks – these have no nutritional value and simply add sugar.

Ingredients to include.  Good options include sparkling water, coconut water, coconut milk, unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices, citrus peels and slices of fruit and vegetables for added flavour. I like to add fresh herbs and spices for additional flavour. Other options include kombucha and water kefir for a probiotic boost or if you like a creamy mocktail try milk or coconut kefir. If you need a little sweetener then try xylitol or stevia.

Creating Your Own Mocktail – use these steps to create your own healthy option

Choose healthy liquids – Don’t overload with fruit juice – mix with sparkling water or coconut water and always choose unsweetened fruit juice or vegetable juice. Ideally freshly made for extra nutrition. For a creamy taste use some coconut milk, kefir or yogurt

Flavour with herbs and citrus peels – a great way to add flavour and extra nutrition – chopped herbs or leaves, citrus peel or wedges of lime are delicious additions. For savoury mocktails why not add some pickled cucumber or celery – these would be perfect for a virgin bloody Mary for example

Add in some spices – pinch of turmeric, ginger are great anti-inflammatories and again make a great addition for some Mocktails particularly savoury options

Finish with ice – a great way to add a more indulgent feel to your mocktail – crushed ice or ice cubes

Try my Lime and Mint Mocktail for a refreshing, hydrating treat