How to Enjoy a Gluten Free Christmas

The festive season can be a tricky time if you suffer with allergies or coeliac disease. If you are avoiding gluten for example you may feel that you’re missing out.  Whether its office buffets, parties, eating out or simply coping with food served on Christmas Day you need to be savvy about what you can and cannot eat. Thankfully more and more companies are providing a great range of gluten free options and many of the seasonal foods around Christmas time are of course naturally gluten free (think cranberries, nuts, Brussels sprouts etc). However you may need to check how they have been prepared and cooked.

Party Tips

If you’ve been invited to a party the best option is to take some allergy free goodies with you. Try making some of our homemade delicious healthy treats in our new EBOOK: Clean Eats – Healthy Paleo & Gluten Free Christmas & Holiday Recipes available on amazon.

I love making homemade binis or paleo breads which can be made ahead and frozen. Ideal for batch cooking. You can then use them for breakfast, brunch or as a canape. Delicious topped smoked salmon, prawns, avocado, roast beef and horseradish or Christmas chutney. If you’re dairy free as well try making your own nut cheese or spread with nut butters. Bags of nuts and seeds and dried fruit are easy healthy options that make ideal hassle free party snacks. Watch the crisps though especially flavoured varieties as they often contain gluten. Bags of vegetable crisps and fruit crisps or freeze dried fruits and vegetables are typically gluten and dairy free.

Christmas Drinks

If you like your beer thankfully there are many gluten free varieties now available. Mulled wine is a popular party favourite or for a creamy option make up your own Egg Nog style drink using almond milk blended with nuts, banana and dates for a healthy dairy free option.  Have a look at our drinks pages for inspiration. I love my minted chocolate chip green smoothie with added supergreens for a cleansing start to the day.  If you are short of time then a simple protein shake can really help to stabilise blood glucose levels and keep you energised through the morning. Alternatively make ahead breakfasts like chia puddings or baked oatmeal are good options.

Those Little Extras

Often it’s those little extras that can catch us out when going gluten free – gravy may be thickened with flour. Stuffing is often ladened with wheat flour and starch. Potatoes may be tossed in flour before roasting and some sausages contain wheat starch. You can make your own gravy by thickening with cornflour or arrowroot and for extra flavour add a spoonful of redcurrant jelly. Bread sauce is easily made with gluten free bread and almond milk or coconut cream if you want it to be dairy free as well.

For stuffing, simply follow your favourite recipe and substitute ground nuts or use quinoa or millet instead of bread.

Sweet Endings

Again there are many gluten free Christmas puddings available but you can also make your own – we have a fabulous recipe and more ideas in our EBOOK. You don’t need to use suet in puddings either – eggs, butter, coconut butter or a dairy free spread can be used instead.  Try my chocolate gingerbread cake recipe for a delicious alternative to Christmas cake or why not make up your own healthy truffles or chocolates.

Getting Prepared

If you’re new to cooking allergy free find a wealth of gluten free, raw, paleo recipes on my website which are all suitable for gluten free diets. Many of these can be made in advance and frozen or stored for a later time.  Seeded bread is a fabulous standby healthy protein rich bread option. Make up a batch of granola too – perfect for breakfast but also healthy snacking.

If you’re looking for new inspiration why grab a copy of our new EBOOK and enjoy a healthy Christmas